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One Courtier Recommends… Africam

I never thought I could be in the middle of the African wilderness without saving money, planning the trip and getting a vacation. Recently I’ve discovered this beautiful web concept that teleports you live there, in the middle of the African wilderness. Several cameras are placed in several different wild places and transmit live images from there. The quality of the image is pretty good for live transmission and the fluency is very good, there is practically no framing. A very nice feature is also the sound. There are placed microphones that broadcast live the ambient sound along with the images. So, there are both ingredients mixed to consider yourself in the middle of the African wilderness: image and sound, and everithing is live.

This project was created with the help of the WWF and with the purpose to prevent the illegal wildlife trade.

The link for the cams is this: . You will also find it from today in the One Courtier “Recommendations” section.

If you are very excited when you see live a wild animal you can also take a snap and share it with your friends. One Courtier has also something to share with you from Africam 🙂 .


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